Chelsea Heights Hairdresser Reviews & Hair Cuts

Find a hairdresser with great listening skills


What to look for in a good hairdresser phone sex. The main thing anyone looking for a new and great hair cut & colour Frankston. Your first step should always be finding a hairdresser with great listenining Skills. The consultation should take time and not be rushed as most complaints in the hair industry are related to miscommunication between the hair stylist and the client. In busy salons it is the most overlooked aspect of a haircut and colour. If your looking at a hair stylist FrankstonĀ it is absolutly essential that they take a great consulatation. As any fashion consultant should.

Hairdresser’s Can be expensive

Rarely in life is cheap good, mostly you get what you pay for and hair design and fashion is no execption. Some of the most expensive haircuts in the world have been from hairstylists fixing another hairstylist mistakes. It is important to be realistic when looking for a consult that cheap does not equal good. Nore should you be ripped of we are purley suggesting through experience that you get what you pay for.

As seen in the above consulation she gets exactly what the client is asking for they are at one with understanding each other.

High Quality Products

It is essential that your hairdresser uses high quality products to do so is not a major cost but many salons nowdays use low quality products in the effort to cut costs. Some high quality products are Redkin, Affinage, Biosilk etc. If you have heard the name generally it is a high quality product always ask the hairdresser what they use and pay attention upon application that they are indeed using what they said they would.

Make friends with your hairdresser

Generally once trust has been made between client and hairdresser it is normal for some type of friendship to evolve. We highly encourage this type of friendship as it allows the hair stylist to open up and be honest about maybe a particular style or product they think you should try. Or maybe even what not to try an honest relationship is always the best relationship and sometimes if the relationship is to business like it can be hard for an honest opinion to transpire.